01 July 2013

Vietnam Graduate Unable to Obtain LTVP+


How come?

Let's look at her "qualifications".
  • Degree Holder.
  • Have a Singaporean boy.
  • Husband is an English tutor (see the comments).
  • They were married in Singapore.
  • They are living in a condominium (richer than me).
Let's look at requirements for LTVP+.
2. Couples who have at least one Singaporean child from their marriage will be eligible to apply for the LTVP+.  For those without a Singapore Citizen child, ICA will look at other factors such as the duration of marriage, and will in general consider more favourably those who have been married for at least three years.

So why not? I don't understand why her application was rejected, or at least grant her a LTVP, why totally reject her? The article was published on 12 Feb 2013 and at that time, she was only given a 6 months visit pass which was non-renewable. What is going on?

I totally agree with what she said at the last paragraph.

What I find staggering is the number of foreigners living in our condominium, who are permitted to bring in their spouse, children, parents and even parents-in-law, while I am not not allowed to stay in Singapore despite my entire family being Singaporeans.

I see plenty of such entire foreign families, more and more these days, not that I have a problem with them, it's just that I find it unfair when spouses of Singaporeans are being rejected but family members of PRs are being granted LTVP, how does that even make any sense? Let's say the government is worried that these Singaporeans might be unable to take care of their foreign spouse, but what about this Vietnam lady? Her husband is an English tutor working full-time at CDAC, they are living in a condominium, so what's the problem?

Or how about a single working PR applying long-term visit passes for his spouse and his parents, why isn't the government worried that this PR might be unable to take care of 3 dependants? Or worse still, this single working PR has a child, that makes it 4 dependants, whereas most Singaporeans are merely asking for one visit pass, but every year, thousands of such Singaporean requests are thrown out of the window.

Sometimes I'm baffled by the way our government works, policies are supposed to apply to everyone, but why do I see a double standard?

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