Vietnam Graduate Unable to Obtain LTVP+ (Update)

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Today I was surfing the net a bit while at work and found that ICA responded to the story of the Vietnam bride who was unable to obtain LTVP+.


In Madam Pham's case, her long-term visit pass application was not successful as her Singaporean husband did not meet the criteria then.

Nonetheless, we granted her a six-month long-term visit pass on compassionate grounds.

Upon expiry of her long-term visit pass in the middle of this year, we will reassess and review her case, given that her husband has recently found employment.

So from what I can see, her husband was unemployed when they were applying for the LTVP. I would like to hear more into the story because when you look at her husband's unemployment, plus they paid almost S$20,000 for the delivery charges and they live in a condo, it does sound a bit unusual. Perhaps they have a substantial amount of savings.

Anyway, since the reason for rejection was her husband's unemployment, I guess if they try again now they'll probably get it. Best of luck to Madam Pham and family.


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