13 July 2013

What a Despicable Human Trash

  1. http://news.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews/Crime/Story/A1Story20130711-436456.html
  2. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/this_urban_jungle/1862492/man_accused_of_raping_16yearold_student_after_posing_as_cop.html
  3. http://therealsingapore.com/content/man-accused-raping-teen-says-girl-offered-him-sex-200

I'm not talking about the 20 year old boyfriend, I'm talking about this guy who posed as a police officer and raped a 16 year old girl. Remember this name Sivakumar Selvarajah and remember this face.

Sivakumar Selvarajah the Stupid and Despicable

You might think that I'm only reading one side of the story but if you read the 3rd link, you will realize why I'm angry.

At the last few paragraphs,

He (Sivakumar) then approached the car with the girl and her boyfriend because he saw something being thrown out of the rear window. He told the boyfriend to step out of the car to ask him about the litter. He also asked the couple for their identity cards and where they lived. When he caught the girl out for lying about where she lived, he became concerned whether her parents knew of her whereabouts, he said.

The girl kept mum when he asked for her parents’ phone numbers. But she volunteered to let him drive her home, and the boyfriend agreed to it, he told the court. During the journey, he accepted her offer to have sex with him for $200, he claimed. He said she chose the spot and directed him there.

But he stopped having sex with her after a while because he felt uncomfortable as the environment was too “open”. He handed her $50 as he did not have enough cash, he claimed. This made her unhappy, he said.

When the DPP asked how he went from being concerned about her welfare to agreeing to have sex with her, Sivakumar replied that he knew it was wrong but could not resist as she had asked in a “seductive” way.

What a f*cking stupid liar and rapist, I hope he gets the maximum sentence.

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