Why Do Singaporeans Have to Fear That Their Foreign Spouse Might Not Be Able to Stay?

I've been thinking about this question a lot lately, there are thousands of LTVP applications rejected yearly and our fear is not without reason, and from what I know, it's usually because of income, but how much is enough?

Just think about this, if the foreign spouse is not able to stay in Singapore and has to stay in his/her homeland, I think it really puts a strain on their relationship and it also puts a strain to both of them financially as they have to travel in order to be together.

But in the first place, if it's due to income, then why allow them to marry? Why let them marry and then break them up? If stopping them from marriage is a violation of human rights, then how about stopping a married couple from being together?

It's not as if the foreign spouse cannot find employment in Singapore to increase their household income.

And foreigners with high salary can easily get a PR, but Singaporeans with low income have to be afraid.


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