22 August 2013

Always Check Your Starhub Bills

Last time out of nowhere they charged me for the Connecting Tones Service, now they charged me more than what I signed up for. Last month I signed up for their Surf and Watch package, it's an internet plus cable TV package and the cost per month was S$66.65 inclusive of GST, basically the internet costs S$39.90 and the cable TV costs S$26.75, and the cable TV was supposed to be HD upgraded. The salesperson also told me that the S$66.65 was before Hub Club discounts, which means the bill will be lower. But when I received my bill, I was puzzled by the cable TV charges.

Cable TV Charges

As you can see in the picture, if you take 45 - 11.887 = 33.113, so how is that cheaper, and that's after my Hub Club discount. So I called 1633, and they informed the billing department to call me back, and when they did, the billing department told me they need to check and will call me back, but instead of them calling, the salesperson got back to me and told me actually the HD Upsize was supposed to be free, she said the mistake has been corrected and the amount will be pro-rated in the next bill. So luckily I checked or else every month I'll be paying for something that's supposed to be free.

But I think I'm satisfied with Starhub so far, don't go thinking because I complain means that I don't like their product or service, I've been their customer since 2000, back when they had the 1.5Mbps cable internet, I must say their customer service has always been good, but they better be more careful with billing.

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