21 August 2013

Coach Plunged into 150 Meters Ravine when Descending from Genting Highlands


When I reached home today, my father was telling me a car flew down from Genting, I was having my dinner and I looked at him in bewilderment, and he had this serious face, I was thinking why the hell would anyone do that.

This kind of news really sends shivers down my spine, now I think it will really take a lot for me to go there again, the last time I went was in Apr 2012, actually before I went, there was a news report of a coach overturning, also during descent, I was quite worried that time because I was going with my parents and my wife, and when we were descending, I was praying in my mind, damn scary, luckily nothing bad happened.

150 meters, that's really high, a coach falling down that kind of height, with 49 people inside, damn, and they confirmed 32 deaths, really sad. I think if I were to go again, I would probably take the cable car, but the cable car is also damn scary.

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