06 August 2013

My Wife May Need to go for Abortion

Today my wife called and cried on the phone, she said the gynaecologist in Thailand said the baby is positioned very "down" (I have no idea what that meant, very close to the vagina?) and there will be a miscarriage eventually in a few weeks time, and even if the baby managed to survive, the baby will not be strong, and my wife should go for an abortion.

I don't understand why, my wife said the ultrascan shows that the baby is doing fine, and before she left Singapore, she also did a scan and the baby was doing fine, her heart surgeon also said my wife's heart is doing fine, her INR reading is a bit low (1.78) but the doctor have adjusted her Warfarin dosage, so that should be fine too.

My wife also told me she had heavy bleeding yesterday night and there was a large jelly-like substance and she is very worried about it. I really don't know what to say, I was at a loss for words. She then asked me whether we should go for the abortion, again, I was at a loss for words, I decided to let her do the necessary, only if necessary.

After work, I called her, I thought she had gone for the abortion, then she told me she's now staying in the hospital, she told the gynae that she wanted to wait and see how, I also thought the same, it just doesn't make any sense to go for an abortion when the baby is doing fine, maybe just poor positioning? And my wife don't feel any pain to her belly or pelvic area, I guess that's a good sign? I read that pain to those places are signs of miscarriage.

Not sure if it is related but I have a colleague who had a miscarriage, now she's pregnant again and she had a loose cervix problem, she was rushed to the hospital and the doctor stitched it up for her and she seems to be doing fine now, pregnant and working, of course doing everything at a very slow pace, I don't mean I have a problem with her doing things slowly, don't get me wrong, just saying that's the right thing for her to do, take it slow and easy, my wife is pregnant so I can totally understand how difficult it is for her.

Anyway, my wife will see the gynae again tomorrow, I hope everything will be fine, actually I've done some research and there seems to be plenty of women who bleed during pregnancy, and most of them delivered successfully, of course there were the unlucky ones, I really hope my wife is not so unlucky.


Anonymous said...

that's very sad to hear. I hope everything will be ok for ur wife, the baby and urself. god bless.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi, thank you for your kind words, really appreciate it.

kimmielalala said...

ok..the thing is..i m not trying to rub salt. BUT I HAVE THE SAME ISSUE TOO!! too low placenta...and lot of bleeding. the hospital that your wife went is it specially for those women and child? my baby born prematured, 4 months earlier. there are other baby born earlier than her too. and my colleague is also having the same issue, lost a lot of blood and low placenta. maybe can try seek advice from KKH first before go to Thai hospital?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

My wife consulted at SGH for her pregnancy, but I think it's all too late now, she had a miscarriage, I think maybe it's due to carrying heavy things, I don't know for sure, according to her mom and Thai doctor, could also be food that she ate, like garlic and ginger.

Anyway, Thai hospital is way cheaper, really no point paying the extra money in Singapore just for her to stay here, I might as well give her that money so she can get much better care in Thailand.