07 August 2013

My Wife May Need to go for Abortion (Update)

You can read my last post here.

It's pretty much confirmed now, the baby will not survive, my wife was experiencing heavy bleeding, the nurse at the hospital changed 4 blankets for her, can imagine how much blood there was, they were just waiting for the baby to be expelled naturally, then the doctor will proceed to do cleaning.

Me and my wife have mostly accepted the loss, what to do, of course we feel sad, we were thinking of Chinese and Thai names for the baby, I was thinking of having the baby learn Thai, English and Mandarin, now it's all gone, we can only look forward, but still, it's so hard to accept, I'm feeling so helpless.

The doctor told my wife that we can try again after 3 months, but next time round, my wife has to avoid any strenuous activity, avoid garlic and ginger, and to see the gynae as soon as my wife is pregnant. I think maybe we will try again next year, let my wife recover both physically and emotionally, we'll see how.

Update: The baby has been expelled, my mother-in-law says can see the head, hands, legs, penis, bum, it's still moving, very tiny, not sure how heavy, she says his back looks like me, she thinks it's about 4 months old. Poor little fella, he didn't do anything wrong, sigh, don't think he will make it past tonight... My mother-in-law took a picture, my wife's phone run out of battery, and my wife is now waiting for some other stuff to be expelled, and it took too long, the doctor is now trying to manually remove those stuff. Poor boy, he didn't even have a chance to achieve anything, how unfair, this is so fu*ked up.


Anonymous said...

im so sorry to hear about ur loss. as a father myself I can only imagine the pain ur family is going through at the moment. im sure ur son knows that his father and mother did everything they can for him. god bless, take care and don't give up.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi, thank you for your kind words, we can only move forward now..