20 August 2013

National Day Rally 2013 - Housing

"We will always make sure that a HDB flat is always within reach -- affordable and available to Singaporeans. Don't worry. Go ahead, plan on it, get married, get your flat." - PM Lee

Yet I am married and I can't afford my own home, how ironic. The 2-room BTO is a joke, we can only apply at the age of 35, factor in the waiting time, we would probably get the keys at 38 or 39, I'm not saying it's totally bad, it's good for Singaporeans at that age, but for people like me who is only 30, either we wait or try to have baby or stretch our necks and buy resale.

But then again, even if they allow us to buy at 30, I don't think HDB can cope with the demand, look at the Jul BTO, there were 55 singles applying for each 2-room flat, so what happens to those who didn't manage to get it? Well, either they keep trying if they don't mind waiting, or buy resale.

I can understand how difficult it is, too many people, too little housing, of course there will be shortage, they can't please everyone and there's nothing anyone can do but to accept the situation, but what really annoys me is our government can keep giving misleading statements, and keep telling people that housing is affordable when it is not affordable, yes, if they are talking about BTO, of course it is affordable, but how about resale, how is resale flat affordable?

I wonder when I can finally have my own place, 5 years, 10 years, I don't know, or perhaps I'll just stay with my parents, it doesn't make any economic sense to buy resale, but staying with parents, there are a lot of conflicts, it can get really tiresome at times, they know you can't afford your own place, so it's like your at their mercy, even when they get really unreasonable, it's still your fault because you have no choice but to comply and be humbled, but actually it's so tiring living here, having to worry about everything everyday, it's like everyday is a struggle, how I wish I could just cash out and go live a carefree life at my wife's home, set up a stall, sell food or what.

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