23 August 2013

Recontracted My Starhub Power Value 100 Mobile Line and Sold the Phone

I asked my wife whether she wants to get a new phone but she said she doesn't need it so I re-contracted and sold the mobile phone instead. I paid only S$48 for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) Silver, and then I immediately sold it to a mobile phone shop for S$260, a S$212 profit. I think I might be able to sell higher than that to someone who wants to use it rather than to a dealer because eventually the dealer will sell it to a user, maybe for S$300 or more, but I'm too lazy to keep posting on forums and waiting for a genuine buyer, it's just so time consuming, and even if I get someone who wants to buy it, I still got to travel and meet that person, sounds really tiring.

And when I was at Starhub shop, I saw an auntie with 2 Filipino guys, I heard that she was also re-contracting and I think she was going to sell her phone to those 2 guys, and what a coincidence, she was also getting a Galaxy Tab 2, same model as mine, I think she also think it's a good deal, maybe she managed to sell at S$300 or more, who knows.

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