04 August 2013

Rich Relatives

Sometimes I wonder if my personality will do a 180 degrees turn when I get rich, especially the way I talk to people. I heard from my mother that in Kampong days, everybody had everybody to depend on, when relative A runs out of cash at the start or end of a month, this relative would send their kids to relative B to borrow some cash, but basically, all my relatives were poor at that time.

I heard from my mother that although my father used to earn S$700 after CPF, every time when a relative asked for financial help, he always tried his best. I have this fourth auntie, she used to phone my dad to borrow money, and my dad would ride his motorbike with my mom to her house with the money, even when returning the money, she would also phone my dad and he would go collect, I can guarantee you will never find this kind of service anywhere else.

This fourth auntie is now doing well, her son lives in a condo, youngest daughter married a rich man, eldest daughter seems to be doing well, and the way she talks is totally different. I remember her as a very kind auntie, but during my second uncle's funeral, that kind image was gone, she was talkative, bossy, and a few times she was rude to my mom.

Then I have this third auntie, her husband is a rich man, her two sons are doing well, I think they have a family business and they live in a bungalow, have maid, very big deal. My parents have stopped talking to them, only my father sometimes still talk to this auntie, she's his sister after all, and I still addressed them, it's courtesy. This relationship went downhill because of a few incidents, one I was there.

When her youngest son's boy was born, she invited us to her house to share the joy, there were food and drinks, that day my father was working so he came late, my auntie wanted to keep some food for my dad but this husband of hers kept all the good food and left bits and pieces for my dad, my dad was angry but he kept his cool and ate the food. So I sat down and drank some beer with my dad. The last straw came when this auntie wanted to give a baby car to my sister, of course we rejected it but this auntie kept insisting so out of courtesy we accepted, then her youngest son came out of nowhere and yelled that he bought the baby car, my father lost his temper and dragged us all home.

Anyway, kind of distressing talking about such things, I just don't get why people have to suddenly "feel rich" and forget about everything else.

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