28 August 2013

STI Index Closed at 3000 Points

News of the likely attack on Syria by the US have dragged down the index, this really came as a surprise, last Friday I thought it was on track for a rebound, and earlier on, I saw a video of a gas attack in Syria but thought it was a prank, little did I know everybody was taking it so seriously, even Britain and Australia were backing the attack, and the attack is supposed to happen tomorrow, wow, it's like so fast so furious.

But recalling the video, I felt that it looked a bit fake (that was why I thought it was a prank), there was a part where a man was foaming at the mouth, and the guy filming just continued doing it, that video-man should at least call for some medical personnel or something, isn't that weird. And the weirdest thing was, everybody was like poisoned, sitting around, lying in beds, and then there's just somebody filming non-stop, it's like this video-man was expecting something to happen hence he brought along his video-cam for night shooting.

And what really bugged me was the allies were reacting too fast, they were so sure that it was the Syrian president who ordered the gas attack, and it's their job on behalf of humanity to go in and punish the regime. Australia even said they would back the attack with or without the UN's approval, wow.

Doesn't it all smell too fishy?

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