11 August 2013

Thoughts After My Wife's Miscarriage

My wife had a miscarriage on 07 Aug 2013, the doctor took the baby for investigation and my wife and mother-in-law are still waiting for the findings. We don't know what went wrong, is it having sex during pregnancy or eating certain food or exhaustion due to household chores, I really don't know but for our next try, we will be very careful, and I'll have my wife stay in Thailand with her mom so she'll have someone to take care of her.

And you might be wondering what will happen to the baby, the doctor offered two options, one is my wife can bring home the baby, two is we let the doctor keep the baby in a jar for exhibition, like in horror movies I think, but either way, we will need to perform a ritual for the baby so that he can go to a better place, we will need to buy clothes, milk powder and some other necessities for him, and the ritual will be done at a temple. We choose the latter, at least our baby can help the educational cause, and we can visit him anytime because if we bring him home, we will need to cremate him eventually.

My wife is still in the hospital though, but she is recovering well, she is now on drip, she lost a lot of blood during the miscarriage, doctor gave her a packet of blood, she says everything is okay except her breasts hurt, I think she's producing milk, I told her to massage her breasts and see if it will lessen the pain.

Anyway, once she gets out of hospital, I'll bring her home to Singapore, give her some time to settle down, probably send her home next year Jan or Feb to check her heart condition, if everything is good, we will try to conceive and after about 4 or 5 weeks, and once we confirm the pregnancy, we will head to Thailand and see the gynae and she will stay there till delivery, that's our plan for now, actually this was advised by the gynae.

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