19 August 2013

Waterfox, a Google Chrome Alternative for 64-bit Windows

I discovered this browser only today, it is a 64-bit version of Firefox and it's named Waterfox, don't they sound like siblings. Anyway the design goal for Waterfox is Speed, now that really piques my interest, I've been looking for a browser that can compete with Google Chrome, seems like I found one. But do note that it only works in 64-bit Windows, and also seems like I can't have both Firefox and Waterfox together, if I run Firefox, it will end up running Waterfox, my colleague had it the other way, when he ran Waterfox, it ended up running Firefox, so we both uninstalled Firefox, this fixed my colleague's problem.

I tried Waterfox for a day, it really does feel fast, I can't really tell the difference in speed between Waterfox and Chrome, both seems equally fast, now I'm just waiting to see if Waterfox will freeze up, you know I have this problem whenever I open a link in a new tab in Chrome or Opera, and if that tab contains Flash player stuff, it will freeze my computer for 10-20 seconds, it's intermittent and very annoying and I haven't had any luck fixing it. I hope this doesn't happen with Waterfox.

And yes, Waterfox is definitely way faster than Firefox. Oh one more thing, I used to have screen tearing when I was using Firefox and I had to fix it by turning off hardware acceleration, seems like this has been fixed in Waterfox, I'm now using it with that option on and it's working fine.

Download Waterfox

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