30 August 2013

Will The Allied Forces Attack Syria?

Seems like the leaders of US, Britain and France are very eager to punish Syria for the alleged gas attack, but also seems like their citizens have no wish for their country to intervene, I'm actually very curious why the allied powers are so eager, in fact too eager to attack Syria, how come they are so sure that the Syrian president is guilty? Why don't they wait for the findings of the UN inspectors? But one thing for sure is Britain is now officially out because their lawmakers voted against an attack.

Today, I read a news that says the UN inspectors are really there to determine what kind of gas was used, it's not their job to determine who used it, so it's actually quite pointless, I think somebody should take the effort to dig out the culprit instead of hurling threats, shouldn't the big boys at least show the world some proof before they bring their country into a conflict?

I really hope that the US and France would at least wait for what the UN has to say, at least wait for the report from the inspectors, I don't know how it will help though. The US also said they will release classified information regarding the gas attack, I wonder what exactly made them so sure, especially since they were not there, or maybe they have intelligence stationed there during the attack?

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