28 September 2013

Finally Cleared My IPPT for 2013! FU*K YEAH!

My IPPT started at around 4.15PM today, I only ate 2 sticks of Kit Kat since I woke up so as to prevent myself from feeling lethargic; I always feel sleepy after eating a full meal. I also drank plenty of water to ensure my urine was white, which is a sign of proper hydration, I also drank one small bottle of 100PLUS, and luckily the weather was cooling, there was a drizzle when the run started, so it seems like everything was set for my pass.

Here's my score, by the way I'm CAT Y1:
  • Sit Up: 37 reps = 5 pts
  • Broad Jump: 216CM = 3 pts
  • Chin Up: 8 reps = 4 pts
  • Shuttle Run: 10.1 seconds = 5 pts
  • 2.4KM Run: 12:33 minutes = 2 pts
  • Total: 19 pts
  • Result: PASS
  • Award: INCENTIVE

I in-pro at 3.51PM, out-pro at 4.53PM, the whole session took about an hour, so S$100 for one hour of my time, damn good money, and if I can run 12:20 and below for my 2.4KM, I would be eligible for Silver award which is S$200, maybe I should go try again since I was actually quite close, I actually have some energy left when I finished my last lap, I think I could have gone faster.

Looking back at why I failed on my last try, I think it was because I was not properly hydrated plus the really hot sun and also, I ran too fast for the first 3 laps of my 2.4KM, I almost dropped dead at the 4th lap, so this time I make sure I control my pace, so I started at normal pace for the first lap, and progressively increasing my pace for the following laps, also ensuring the increase in speed will not drain me out, and halfway through my last lap, I sprinted all the way to the finishing line, I looked up at the electronic scoreboard, 12:33 for my tag number, first thing in my mind, "FU*K YEAH".

And when I was sprinting, the guy beside me started to sprint too, I think he was also at his last lap, I won the race by the way ;)

Passed with incentive!

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