29 September 2013

I'm FINished WITH FINS Campaign


I have tried shark's fin soup before, it was tasty, but I know actually it's the broth that's tasty, the fin itself is tasteless, smells fishy, it's like jelly without sugar, I think a chicken soup would taste much better. I'm okay with people fishing and cooking but the way they waste a shark is terrible, they cut off their fins and then toss them back into the ocean, leaving them to die in the wild. I think we should put a stop to this, people should stop fishing sharks just for their fins, it's like killing rhinos just for their horns, elephants just for their tusks, so if they are not going to make full use of the animal, they should leave them alone.

The last time I ate shark's fin was at my best friend's wedding dinner a few months back, I think I will never purchase shark's fin, actually I never purchase shark's fin, I only ate it during wedding dinner, which is a once in a blue moon thing, and only during Chinese New Year reunion dinner, but those were gifts to my dad from his friends, we don't buy shark's fin.

So I'll do my part, I will continue to never purchase shark's fin, as for consumption, well, if it's already prepared, then just eat it, or else it's a waste anyway.

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