03 September 2013

Maybe NTUC Income Can Do Its Part to Recognize NS Contribution

Last week when I was looking through my insurance payments, suddenly this idea came to my mind, actually NTUC Income can give discounts on premiums for those who get incentive pass and above for their IPPT, almost every NS personnel have to go through it, and usually fitter people are healthier so they should have lower chances of making a claim. Another good point is it offers another source of motivation, the idea of keeping fit for cheaper insurance doesn't sound too bad, in the end it's a choice, for people who don't wish to keep fit, fine, pay the normal rates, as for people who try to keep fit, get some discounts.

Maybe they can start with this:
Incentive Pass = $5 discount per month.
Silver = $10 discount per month.
Gold = $15 discount per month.

In one year, that can add up to a significant amount, and also it can attract more people to get themselves insured since it can be cheaper.

Finally, it shows that NTUC Income cares, and I think they should really look into this idea, they are after all a government-linked organization so it makes sense for them to take the lead.

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