23 September 2013

Must Watch Movie for Horror Fans - V/H/S



I was running out of horror movies to watch and then I found this, don't be fooled by the simple poster and title, it's made up of a few horror masterpieces taken from a point-of-view camera perspective, starting of each story is a bit slow but they all turned out to be more than what I expected.

I have very high requirements for a horror movie, not many can impress me, few can make me watch the whole thing without turning it off. I especially like the first story, that big-eyed cute looking girl, what a terror she turned out to be... You got to watch this if you haven't.

Oh, there's a part two, I'm going to get it. And erm, it's not suitable for kids as there are sex scenes, nudity, extreme violence and plenty of gore, adults only.

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