Pale Moon VS Waterfox

I've been using Waterfox for a while, it doesn't freeze up like Chrome and Opera, it doesn't have screen tearing problem like in Firefox, and it's certainly fast but the problem is that it's not smooth. Anyone who has used Chrome or Opera will know what smooth means, scrolling, opening new tab, loading page, maintaining multiple tabs and etc, Chrome and Opera does it very elegantly, Waterfox just have this "mini-freeze" problem, for example when opening a new tab, there will be a slight delay, and also sometimes it will show "not responding", oh another problem, flash player seems to crash quite often, and that's very annoying.

All the mentioned problems forced me to look for an alternative and luckily I managed to find one, the answer is Pale Moon. I'm now using the 64-bit version and it is awesome, the smoothness can rival that of Chrome and Opera, the speed can rival that of Waterfox and the best part, I can get to customize the positioning of my status bar, and I have placed it beside the address bar.

Status bar options

Another cool thing is that I can set my tabs to either show at the bottom or at the top, top is nicer because it saves more screen space, bottom is good too for people who are used to having it at bottom, the whole point is it gives users a choice.

Tabs on Top option

Tabs at bottom

Tabs on top

So far, Pale Moon has left a very good impression, I haven't find any problem, yet. I also find that Pale Moon is like Chrome and Waterfox put together, it has the smoothness of Chrome, and the speed of Waterfox, simply amazing.


JLanceCombs said…
Screen tearing, which really begins to show when watching netflix.

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