23 September 2013

Received My S$89 Cheque for IRAS Tax Refund

That day I was talking about missing out a spouse and parent relief, so after a nice lady at IRAS helped me to make the claim for only spouse relief as I have requested, I received a cheque for the refund on last Friday, I cashed in on Saturday and it will be cleared tomorrow and I can now see the amount added to my ledger balance.

The whole process was very fast, from my first email on 11 Sep to receiving the cheque on 20 Sep, and actually I only confirmed to claim for spouse relief on 13 Sep because initially the lady was asking if anybody else was claiming the parent relief, I said I'm not sure and had to confirm with my mom, after that I found out that my brother-in-law was already claiming it.

Anyway, from 13 Sep to 20 Sep, it only took them about a week to send me the cheque, they are very efficient, service-wise, they are on a totally different level than any government agencies that I have come across, thumbs up!

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