25 September 2013

Semb Corp Industries Rallied to S$5.28, Damn!

Last Friday I sold my 5 lots at S$5.14 and thought I got away with a decent deal and was happy with a small profit, today it went up to S$5.28, what the fish, how come everytime I sell something the price will go up, last time when I sold Singtel, it shoot up, then when I sold Olam, it shoot up too, then SingPost, it also shoot up, all right after I sell, if any of you want to know what stock will shoot up, come find me, ask me what I'm going to sell next, you may just get lucky.

I also searched around for news on why the heck would Semb Corp rally but I can't find anything relevant, nobody seems to be talking about it but the price just goes up anyway, crap.

Now I'm thinking of dumping my Sheng Siong and CDL Htrust, and pool all my money into buying Sabana, the yield looks very attractive, or maybe I'll buy Venture Corp, or maybe I'll just sell everything and wait for the next downtrend, which could be near, I don't know.

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