07 September 2013

Training for IPPT

Since my wife went back to Thailand, I've been working out regularly, after work, during weekends, resting only one day a week and I've improved a lot, but my weight seems to be the same even though I work out quite hard.

My weekday routine

4 sets of 30 pushups.
4 sets of chinups and pullups (2 sets each), 10 on the first go, 6 for the rest.
2 sets of 15 squats.
2 sets of 10 bicep curls with a 10KG weight (including the bar).
Some jumping jacks if I have some energy left.

My weekend routine

2.4KM run, no timing though but I think I run quite fast because at the end of the run, I always feel shagged out.

From the looks of it, I might just be able to get a silver for my IPPT, or at least an incentive pass, which is not too bad. Previously I was struggling to do 6 chinups, now I can easily do 7 or 8, if I push, I can hit 10.

As for my 2.4 run, previously I was struggling to complete 1KM, now at least I can complete the whole 2.4 without stopping.

And the squats and pushups seems to help with my standing broad jump, just now I tried jumping and I jumped quite far, although I'm not sure how far as I don't have a measuring tape or ruler.

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