27 October 2013

96% will Move in For Others to Board the Train, Haha, Don't Bluff La!


94% will give up their seat to those in need

There were at least 2 occasions since I saw these signs, in fact the signs were right behind these sleeping commuters and on each occasion there was an elderly standing right in front of them, suddenly all of them fell asleep!

96% will move in for others to board the train.

No, I don't believe, just look at the center of the cabin, there is always some space, some idiots just refuse to move in, they rather use that space to read newspaper, play their phone or tablet, some even stick out their feet, hold the handle and lean on the pole, one person take up 3 person space. And those who get to sit, especially women, they like to sit with their legs crossed and their feet sticking out, come on, it's a crowded train, spare a thought for those squeezing at the train door area.

98% will queue up and give way to those alighting.

Maybe, nowadays the queue thing became a trend, seems like most people are doing it, but giving way, nope, most people still don't know how to give way, if you take train you'll know what I'm talking about, sometimes I really feel like smashing their faces with my elbow, crowded train, of course let people come out first then you can go in, alamak! Then the worst part is at Tanjong Pagar, that is the place where you will realize that well-dressed is not equal to well-mannered, even ladies can push their way in, die die want to go in means want to go in, well-dressed and behaving like animals.

The giving up seat part, it's really hard to say, it's a personal thing, we can't force people to give up their seats if they don't want to, they can argue that they paid for it, they are right about that, but 94% says they will give, hahaha, really bullshit to the max.

They should also ask this question for the survey, "Will you lean on the pole?", many people like to lean on the pole, I don't understand, that is for people to hold on, not for people to lean on.

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