05 October 2013

Applying PR for Wife (Again)

The first time I tried, our PR appointment was on 23 May 2011, it was right after the 2011 Singapore General Election (held on 07 May 2011). At that time, anti-foreigner sentiments was strong so our government had to do something about it because the election results was shocking, they lost Aljunied GRC to Worker's Party, overall votes for the ruling party was lower when comparing to previous elections, obviously more people were unhappy with the government.

After the GE, they implemented several changes so as to pacify the people, one of it was to reduce the number of foreigners in Singapore, reject immigration and work passes, I'm sure you felt the impact regardless of whether you are a Singaporean or foreigner, I think my wife's application was rejected due to that, otherwise I can't think of any good reason why it would be rejected.

At that time, my salary was S$2850 thanks to a full-time employment in a good company i.e. I had a stable job, my wife doesn't have any bad record, she's definitely not a serial killer or armed robber or anything bad, she's just a normal Thai lady. As for me, I'm just an average joe, yeah well, I did have a few brushes with the law when I was a teenager, I even AWOL for ten days during army, but that was all in the past, if they look at me now, I'm a changed person. Maybe I would write a post about my past, anyway I don't think they would or should penalize my wife for that, but it's hard to say when they rejected her application without stating why.

I just hope it will get through this time so I can apply BTO with my wife, resale is just too damn expensive, I would feel really stupid about myself if I ever bought resale, but then again, people don't really have much choice in Singapore, unless you are filthy rich.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I feel you bro, the bad eggs make life so hard for us normal guys with thai wives.

ICA will always scrutinize every single thing when they see a woman from notorious countries like Thailand, China and Vietnam.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yeah I also have the feeling they don't like women from those 3 countries, don't see they finding trouble with ang mohs...