06 October 2013

Asiasons, Blumont and LionGold Trading Halted

If you look at their 1-year charts, their share price surged so fast so furious, and then last Friday their prices dropped from the sky, I wonder what's going on, those who bought at the peak price must have had a heart attack, that's why never ride on a bull, last week I was still looking up on LionGold's business because I was thinking of investing in some gold products, lucky I never took action, but then again, even if I really want to invest in gold, I would probably open a Gold Savings Account at UOB and buy using my CPF.

Down Double Digit %

Anyway, I promised myself not to dabble in such high-risk stocks again, my first and last such gamble was with Olam, lucky I only bought 1 lot so the impact was very minimal. Also note that this kind of stock does not give out much dividend, some don't even give, which makes it even more risky because when the price goes down, you have no choice but to hold on, or sell at a loss, but if they give decent and regular dividend, holding on might not be that bad.

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