14 October 2013

Bought 12 Lots of Cache Logistics at S$1.165 With CPF

Initially wanted to buy 19 lots, but unfortunately there was a hiccup, my buy limit is only S$15,000, DBS Vickers suggested that I use up my buy limit first, then request a temporary increase to purchase the rest, but that will mean extra charges. The commission, clearing and trading fees are negligible, the problem was with the CPF buy charge, for every 1000 shares, there will be a S$2.50 charge, up to a maximum of S$25. You can get the full CPF Investment Charges here.

Let's see the total cost of buying 19 lots at one go versus buying 12 and then 7.

19 Lots: S$22,239.85

19 Lots

12 then 7 Lots: 14,056.27 + 8,205.15 = S$22261.42

12 then 7 Lots

Difference: 22261.42 - 22,239.85 = S$21.57

Hmmm... not a huge difference, actually this amount is negligible, assuming I have 19 lots and if there is a S$0.005 change in the share price, I'm looking at almost S$100 difference, but well, market is closed now, too bad.

But today I was aiming for Cambridge, the selling price kept staying at S$0.68, and then I saw Cache selling price fell from S$1.185 to S$1.165, thought it was a good opportunity, was also looking at Sheng Siong, S$0.64 seems like a good price, what I really like about Sheng Siong is they have no debt, and they are earning money. I wonder how the market will perform when SGX opens on Wednesday, US market is opening in about 30 minutes time from now, maybe I can check that out first.

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