23 October 2013

IPPT Changes? Nope...

This morning I overheard my colleagues talking about IPPT 2.4KM has been changed to 3.2KM but I was too busy to check it out. Then after I went home, I saw this news with an update from the army on Yahoo!. The army has clarified that there will be no change, well too bad, I was hoping they would come up with something new, the 5 stations are boring as hell, I've been doing it for so many years!

But looking at the changes, other than the run, standing broad jump replaced with push-ups sound good, push-up is way easier than jumping, this can save a lot of people.

Just read about this article saying 13 year old girls are running 3.6KM at cross-country, was quite pissed off when I read it, obviously the writer has absolutely no idea what he/she is writing, it's not all about the distance, we have different category, we have different timing, we have different consequences, so what if the girls lose the cross-country, nothing will happen to them, if we fail our IPPT we need to go for 20 sessions of RT, that's a hell lot of difference already, imagine finishing work and then rushing to the camp for RT and ending at around 8 or 9pm, reach home maybe 10+.

And it's not as if most people don't try to pass, I didn't manage to clear my IPPT once, that time I was working on a system development project, OT almost everyday, weekend also burn, during rest day also tired to go out, just want to rest at home, after that I couldn't pass my IPPT, no choice have to go RT, at the 20th session I managed to pass, but really wasted a lot of my time, so damn tiring.

We have to juggle between work, family and fitness, how can we compare to a 13 year old student whose only duty is to go to school?

Update: I found out who posted that rubbish.

Posted by Les Tan

So who the hell is Les Tan?

Les Tan is Leslie Tan

He is the creator of redsports.sg, now I know why he posted that rubbish, controversial posts always garner more traffic, that's a really lame way to get traffic, so pathetic, he's a guy, he studied at Anglo-Chinese School, so I assumed he served NS, and he can still go ahead and write that kind of insensitive things, not trying to bring in traffic then what? Eat too full?

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