01 October 2013

NS.SG So Slow

Aiyoh, just want to check my IPPT award payment date, this ns.sg really cannot make it, been really slow recently, other times also slow, I think they are doing maintenance or something, shouldn't they at least let me know what's going on, let me know what to expect, or simply tell me to try again later, first thing that greeted me is always the slowness, I'm sure they also know it's damn slow.

I know it's a free service but free doesn't mean it's ok for it to suck, see, from typing this post until now, it's still loading, what the heck, if the server can't deliver the content within an acceptable time frame, just show a maintenance message, don't make people wait for nothing, that is like so basic. Or not enough bandwidth, seems like the website is shared by Mindef, Police and Civil Defense personnel, I think it could be overloaded, there are so many national service personnel in Singapore, must be overloaded.

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