08 October 2013

Submitted My Wife's PR Applicaton Today

No hiccup, everything was smooth and we didn't wait too long until our turn, the officer said to wait between 4 to 5 months, I really hope my wife can get PR this time, if reject again, I will definitely appeal, I will want to know why, I will not allow them to happily reject me without giving any reason again.

While at ICA, saw quite a few Singaporean guys with their foreign spouse also applying for PR, have Chinese, Vietnam, Indonesian, Thai, and also saw many foreign families applying for PR, Indians, Filipinos, Chinese, I wonder who will be the lucky ones, almost felt like entering a lucky draw.

Looking back, this is the second time my wife is trying for PR, last time we tried was in May 2011, that time I was earning S$2850, now S$3480, my salary has increased about 18.1% over the course of 2 years and 5 months, I really hope this helps because this shows that financially I have no problem taking care of my wife, what else would I need to prove? If talking about years of residency, my wife has been staying here permanently since our marriage in Sep 2010, that's slightly more than 3 years, it is telling that we intend to settle down here in Singapore.

Correction: The officer said to wait between 4-5 months, not 4-6 weeks.


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

just collected my wife's LTVP card this morning - with the help of a kind ICA woman officer - initially earliest e-appt was 2DEC which meant my wife had to extedn the visit pass for $40 ... but the officer managed to squeeze her in this morning instead and saved me time and trouble !! :)

anyway, back to PR, when can I start to apply for PR for my wife ? what are the fees like ? how long for approval ? any other experiences that you might have had ?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Unknown,

Great, first step done.

For translation I paid $180 for following:
1. Birth Cert.
2. Name Change Cert.
3. Household Census List.
4. Thai ID Card.

For name change no need if she never change her name.

For Thai id card, if hers is new one, also no need because new Thai ID cards comes in both English and Thai.

For Thai Embassy chop (notarize) I paid $120 for each document.

So total I paid $300 for preparing the documents for PR.

If PR is approved, you need to pay another $100.

This time when I applied for my wife, the officer told me it will take between 4-5 months to process.