21 October 2013

What's the Point of Medisave?

From what I understand, Medisave is part of CPF, this whole CPF thing is meant to help Singaporeans save up for rainy days. CPF is made up of 3 main components, Ordinary Account for education, housing and some other stuff, Special Account is for retirement and Medisave is for healthcare, but today an incident made me lose confidence in Medisave.

My mom went to the polyclinic because her forehead is swollen due to a fall, they directed her to CGH for x-ray, no referral letter, they simply told her to go there, so my mom went to the A&E and paid S$100 in cash, after that she did the x-ray, she paid another S$157.50, so today she paid a total of S$257.50 in cash, she has money in her Medisave, but they won't allow her to use it, and I overheard her telling my dad she's only left with S$10+ in cash.

She's born in 1957, which makes her 56 this year, she's unemployed, financially she's mainly depending on my father, I do give her S$500 a month but that's for utilities and weekday dinners, I think there's still some surplus, well I'm okay if she asked me for more but she didn't, but I make it a point never to take money from her if she asked me to buy things.

So you know why I'm asking, what's the point of Medisave to my mom when she can't use it when she needs it? What will happen to her if me or my father is not here with her? How is she going to survive with S$10+ in her pocket? Or look further into the future, what will happen to my mother and father if I'm not here with them? When they need money, they are not allowed to use it, then what's the point of it all? Sigh, this kind of policy is really rubbish.

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