03 November 2013

IDA is Aware of the Anonymous Threat Video

Several SG government websites down since 1pm; IDA says it's planned maintenance
Government agencies on alert after hackers threaten attacks

Yesterday several government websites were down, not sure if it's related to the "hacker" group Anonymous, it's very likely for government sites to run their maintenance during weekends, also very likely during weekdays, but the crux is the timing, at 1.00pm? Nope, usually should be while users are sleeping, it just doesn't make sense to run maintenance when you know people are going to use it. Someone called it an attack, see following link.

Singapore Government Under Attack

I wonder if it's really an attack, from my experience, other than "hacking", systems do go down sometimes, faulty hardware, network slowness, application server cannot start up due to code error (happens when someone accidentally deployed problem code), there's a variety of possible causes, so it's hard to say. Just last week, one of the systems that we support went down for a whole day due to old and faulty hardware, that system is for public to access, so it was a big deal. And so far, Anonymous has not claim responsibility to this so-called "attack", so let's just wait and see.

And you might be wondering why I'm double quoting, Anonymous should be a Cracker group, not Hacker, there's a difference.

What are crackers and hackers?

Basically Hackers build things, Crackers break things, I think it's better for everyone to simply refer them as Anonymous, we have to respect true hackers like Tim Berners, Linus Torvalds, Steve Jobs, Richard Stallman and the list goes on and on, they are people who built things that are useful to this day, putting them together with people who break into systems is an injustice to them.

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