29 November 2013

LTVP Approval Took Less Than 3 Weeks

I submitted my wife's LTVP renewal on 10 Nov 2013, today 29 Nov 2013, she received the In-Principle Approval, nowadays ICA is really efficient, the first few times it took 4-6 weeks. Now I'm wondering whether she's getting the normal LTVP or the LTVP+, they didn't indicate anywhere, only show Type: Long Term Visit Pass (Renewal), but whatever, still can't buy BTO even if she gets LTVP+, perhaps the only benefit is lower consultation and medication charges when she visits polyclinic to get her Warfarin, and I'm not going to let her see the doctor here if she is pregnant again, even with subsidy, the healthcare charges here is ridiculous, might as well fly her to Thailand, it's way cheaper there.

Update: I just remembered one of my visitors mentioned that the time when we will know whether we are getting LTVP or LTVP+ is during the completion of formalities, can refer to following:

Link to the post with following comment

Contributed by richelle

Thanks richelle, good to have people willing to share their experience to help many others.

And I also just noticed that nobody replied to Mr Rahman:

Mr Rahman

If anyone can help, you can post in the comment section here, not sure if he will see it but I'm sure it will help many others, I can't advise because my wife haven't got her LTVP+, wish me luck.

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