08 November 2013

SMRT Bus Captains Can Earn Up to S$3500 a Month


I think S$3500 a month is more for experienced drivers, for new drivers probably will be lower because the new salary scheme is a progressive model, something like grading, higher grading higher salary, and of course higher grading means more experienced, and I think new drivers will surely start at the bottom of the hierarchy, so I don't think S$3500 a month applies to every of their drivers, furthermore, this amount is inclusive of overtime pay, allowance and incentives, which technically makes it even more unlikely for every driver to earn that amount.

Of course I think it's a good thing for Singaporean bus captains to be able to bring home more money, it will also help to retain and attract more local drivers, with higher salary and a progressive career model, I think it's appealing even to younger people, so overall the idea sounds good. But I'm wondering where will all the money come from? I'm sure we will be expecting a fare hike announcement in the very near future, I don't really mind paying a bit more for bus fares, just don't increase the MRT fares, bus and MRT are two different things, increasing bus captains' salary doesn't make it okay to increase BOTH bus and MRT fares. Let's see.

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