11 November 2013

Some People are Revealing too Much on Facebook

I have come across some Facebook profiles where people display a lot of their personal information such contact number, email and residential addresses, working place, job position and etc etc, personally I think unless if you are a public figure, I think it's quite okay to reveal your work place and job position, anything else may be too much.

For someone like me who is just another ordinary Singaporean, I feel that it's better to keep those information to myself, unless some long lost friend needs to contact me, they can always drop me a message, but I really feel like deleting my Facebook account since I hardly use it, I really don't find it fun at all and I have no idea why so many people can get stuck on it at work, on the train, while eating, during gathering, anywhere, anytime, even while walking! It's ridiculous.

Anyway back to the topic, what I'm saying is people should try to reduce their "internet footprints", don't leave personally identifiable information online, when you leave that kind of information for public eyes to see, who knows what will happen when somebody decides to abuse it, at the very least, set it so that only friends can see it, but I think that is also quite dangerous. In my friends list, there are a couple of strangers, and I have absolutely no idea how they ended up becoming my friends, I don't if it's a bug or some crazy feature, but one thing is for sure, they are friends of my friends, maybe it's some sort of feature, but hypothetically speaking, all the bad person needs to do is to either be your friend, or be your friend's friend.

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