02 November 2013

The Bigger Your HDB Flat, The More Expensive It Gets

Let's look at the recent Punggol BTO exercise.

Punggol Sep 2013 Sales Exercise

We use the maximum Square Meters (SQM) and the maximum price, as you can see, the bigger your HDB flat in terms of rooms, the more expensive it gets per square meters, does that make any sense to you? Shouldn't they charge the same price for each square meters?

I don't know what's the logic behind that but it seems like you buy big you pay more, if I were to apply for BTO, I think I would probably buy a 2-room, cheaper to renovate, don't need to take a massive loan, probably only have to take about S$10,000 housing loan and that's it.

And I like the 2-room type 1, it's just nice for me and my wife, and if I have a child in the future, I think it's ok, we can sleep together, maybe when he/she gets older we can plan for a bigger flat, but that's a long way to go, or maybe my wife wants the child to live in Thailand, who knows, so really no point getting such a big flat and paying so much for it, and I hate taking loan.

HDB 2-room Type 1

Look at the floor plan, it's just so nice.

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