05 November 2013

Woohoo! Tomorrow No Need to Work!

Last Saturday was Deepavali, for people like me working on a 5 days week, we get one day off in lieu, so I choose to clear it tomorrow. I'm still thinking of where I should bring my wife, should I bring her to eat BBQ at Chinatown or bring her to eat chicken rice and then go to Sheng Siong, hmm...

And these few days, it's all about the Anonymous threat, our company has ramped up cyber security, updating patches, installing new security solutions, getting people on standby, lucky I'm not in the IT security line, I'm just someone who implements business solutions, security is none of my business, we leave it to our security team.

And now I know why they choose 5th November, it was the day when Guy Fawkes was arrested for the Gunpowder Plot, and the Guy Fawkes Mask is the mask used by Anonymous in their videos. I wonder what they will do in Singapore, I sure hope they don't cause too much damage, just do their usual deface thing and that's it, if they hurt our economy, it's the same as hurting the citizens here because ultimately the money will still come from us, people won't thank Anonymous for it, instead people will be very angry. I'm fine with sending a message, just don't damage anything that costs money.

Well, at least the security guys here will get something to do, I think being in the security line in Singapore is quite boring, this Anonymous threat finally gives them something to work for. Those people I know working in the security line, what they do is they run penetration tests, submit report, repeat, do the same thing everywhere, it does get boring very fast, but actually who would bother to attack the systems here, maybe it does happen but always nothing a firewall can't handle.

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