Collected My Passport Today at ICA via iCollect

Recently I submitted a passport renewal because it is going to expire soon, they deducted $70 from my bank account after I dropped it into the collection box at ICA building.

A few days later, I checked online and found that it is ready for collection, I choose the iCollect mode, I think it is a new self-collect service and I set the collection date as today.

So I went to ICA level 1 eLobby, the iCollect section is very obvious, it's like a spaceship with two counters, quite futuristic looking. I went to the counter, there's nobody there, well, it's self-collect, so anyway I touched the screen to start the procedure, there were videos for each step telling me what to do, scan my NRIC, scan my thumbprint, scan my old passport, scan my face (facial verification), all done by myself, then it dispensed my new passport, it's like a vending machine! The whole process probably took less than 3 minutes, I think it's very efficient, impressive.


Psst said…
Is the icollect service available after ICA's operating hours?
Hi Tasha,

Unfortunately no, the machines are located inside the building so you have to collect before they close.
Unknown said…
Hi to submit an application via the Dropbox in ICA, u need to furnish credit or debit card details? Also how many days before passport ready for collection ?
Hi Alison Chee,

You can check out the details here:

You need to download and fill up the form, the card details is under Part II.

I'm not sure how many days it takes because I haven't try this method, maybe 1-2 weeks I guess.
Unknown said…
Hi can anyone tell me if I lost my nric can I still collect my passport?
Unknown said…
Isit can make today i go make n collect by today ?
You can choose the collection date.

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