Complain Complain Complain

Sometimes I feel that the people here are not very nice, I feel that people here are always in a rush, so much so that they forget to be nice to people, for example, people always like to cut into my path, I know it's very obvious I'm walking this way, but some people will deliberately quicken their footsteps just to cut across, I usually just give way to them, I think out of 10 times, only 1 or 2 times people gave way to me. I'm also always in a rush, rush to work, rush home, rush everywhere, but I don't cut people's path because I know it's really annoying.

Some extreme cases are when some people totally don't want to give way, they will even go as far as to walk with a "bump into me if you dare" kind of style, of course I don't bump into them, I avoid them, what's the point of them trying so hard to gain that ego point, don't understand.

And also when walking on a narrow path, obviously at most two or three person can walk side by side, some groups just walk side by side anyway and force you into the grass patch, people here really don't like giving way huh.

Playing with phone, playing with tablet, read book, read newspaper, another annoying thing is people like to play with gadgets or read stuff even while walking, especially when exiting the train station, massive crowd, they just play and take their own sweet time to walk, blocking the way, why can't they just do it without getting in people's way, or better is to quickly get to wherever they need to go, settle down and play or read until they happy. Or some of them even play with a big tablet on a crazy crowded train, or flip open the newspaper going full page, it's already so crowded so why not just stand properly instead.

Talking about train, people always like to lean on the pole, why can't they just realize that the pole is for many people to hold on, not for one person to lean on. And handbags, those women like to swing their bags to their side, I wonder if they know that their bags always hit the person behind, and one of those always getting hit is me, I don't think it's so difficult to hold their small bag in front right, it's more ladylike, but most women don't do that, they just swing their bags to the side like aunties.

I think I need a holiday soon, get away from this place for a while, get away from all these nonsense.


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