Did Some Christmas Shopping Today

Went to Tampines Mall and Century Square, bought myself a leather belt for $19 (originally $59), 2 short sleeve shirts for $37.80 (at 20% discount) and a very durable looking shoes for $49 (also 20% discount), quite a good deal.

The guy selling shoes kept recommending me those $99-$100+ shoes but I told him I'm looking for durability since my shoes keep holing at the bottom, I'm a rough guy who can't walk slowly and gently so I need something strong enough to withstand the friction from my quick pace, or at least capable of lasting for more than 3 months, my shoes usually last maximum 3 months, by 2 months one hole will start to appear below the big toe area, 3 months onwards it will open mouth, those who experienced it will know what I'm saying.

My wife got herself a new bag for $69, original price I think was $89 or $99.

We also had a meal at Bali Thai, the food was alright but serving was small, my wife had steamed rice with beef fried with basil leaves and chilli ($8.80), I had pineapple rice with fried fish fillet ($11.80), they have this special pineapple dip for the fillet, it was quite tasty, bill including service charge and GST was $24.25, felt a bit hungry after that haha, still prefer hawker food, cheaper and filling.

And then we bought some stuff here and there, total we spent about $235 today, way below my budget ;)


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