01 December 2013

Planning a Trip to Thailand Next Year April for Songkran

Still thinking of how much to set aside for this coming trip, for our last 11 days trip this year April, we spent a grand total of $4350.06, so let's see how much to budget for this time, by the way we are planning for 8 days because 11 is a bit too much.

Air tickets to and fro
$350 per person for 4 people, total $1400 for me, my wife and my parents. This time we are taking plane to Bangkok and then to Udon Thani, no more taking bus, the bus ride is too long, 8-10 hours, damn tiring for my parents and wife, I'm actually okay with it though.

Give sinsod installment and mother-in-law insurance
40,000 THB, $1700 Singapore dollars should be a safe number.

So $5000 - $1400 - $1700 and I'm left with $1900, that means we will have $237.50 to spend per day, which is more than 5000 THB per day, I think for our trip we spent less than that, I think around $200-$210 per day if we exclude the bus fare, so in the end we gave the leftover cash to my mother-in-law for the sinsod, and my wife spent everything else on shopping in Bangkok, oh and don't forget my wife gave her mom 12,000 THB, so I think we actually don't spend that much.

For the curious, as of now, I still owe my mother-in-law 135,000 THB for the sinsod, and I think maybe setting aside $5000 is way more than enough.


Anonymous said...

the rate for thai baht is very good now, if got spare cash should go and change! average about 25.3 at the money changer.

by the way, may I ask which carrier u are going to book with?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Wow, I'll go check it out, thanks for the tips.

Hmm.. I'm looking at Jetstar, Tiger, Scoot, Airasia but the prices seems a bit high now, think I'll wait till next month, maybe there will be some promo.

Anonymous said...

you mentioned that you would be transiting to a domestic flight to ur wife's hometown, in that case airasia might offer the most convenience due to it landing at Don Mueang Airport. I regularly fly Airasia and then transit to Nok Air to go to Nan to see my girlfriend.

on the other hand u mentioned $350 per person? i feel that's a bit steep to pay for a budget carrier. that's actually more than enough to sit full fledged carriers which would include in flight meals and check in baggage. Recently thai airways just ended their mastercard promo 288 per pax. Singapore airlines also recently 295 per pax. offers more in flight comfort but then u have to transfer from suvarnabhumi to don muang airport. a tip I use is I check what airlines are on promo at www.airfares.com.sg and then I go to their own homepage to book the flights from their promo fares page. currently cathay pacific have sales to Bangkok at $281 per pax, can consider.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

I also find Airasia more convenient, hopefully they have some promo soon, or else we'll have to take a taxi, or probably take the chance to stay in BKK for one night, enjoy the street food before we go Udon.

$350 is for one person to and fro, not for one ticket i.e. SIN to BKK, BKK to Udon, Udon to BKK, BKK to SIN ;)

Thanks for the link, didn't know about this airfares.com.sg.

Anonymous said...

yup the fares that I mentioned like cathay 281 currently and previously thai airways 295 is for to and fro. actually the taxi from one airport to another at most comes up to 300 baht which is like 12SGD? so u factor in one taxi together with 4 tickets still within budget, just that abit ley chey have to go from one airport to another.

regarding the link, just use that as reference to which airlines got promo. but when booking go to ther airline's actual website and look for their promo page book from there. saves some admin fee.

Anonymous said...

oh wait didn't read ur last comment properly... to go udon u can check nokair.com... they regularly have promos. airasia I not too sure cuz airasia doesn't serve nan. but I have a friend who travelled to udon thani using airasia... price would be quite similar. ard 2k baht to and fro...

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yeah, I checked out nokair too, it's slightly cheaper than Airasia for the dates that I want, thanks for the tips.

Anonymous said...

Why your SIN SOD so expensive?!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Haha, mine still consider cheap, my wife's village have foreign men paying in the millions of Bahts!

But ultimately I think the girl's family will also consider whether the guy is rich or not, if someone like me who is not rich, then few hundred thousand Bahts, for richer guys, naturally they will ask for more, really depends.