This Litterbug at My Neighbourhood

I used to be a litterbug when I was much younger, I would throw stuff on the ground when no one is looking, I even threw water bombs from the 7th floor, but eventually I grew out of it when I realized that somebody is going to clean it up. All the rubbish and the mess don't just magically disappear when I wake up the next morning, some cleaners start cleaning as early as 4am in the morning, when everyone else is sleeping, wonder how many people are aware of that.

And cleaning is not an easy job, nobody really say it out loud but I'm sure at some point in your life, you have looked down on cleaners because their salary is pathetic, don't need any education, anyone can do, very easy, but it's not easy when it's your job, but it's always easy to stand at the corner and judge.

Now back to the main reason why I started this post, just now I went to the supermarket with my wife, there was this young lad chatting with his girlfriend, he took out a stick of cigarette, crushed the empty packet and threw it into the drain like nobody's business, he knew I saw him doing it and he looked a bit guilty, I didn't do or say anything, not like I would care if someone told me not to litter when I was his age, but I hope he will grow out of it like me, this is not a one litterbug problem, just look at our neighbourhood, you can see all sorts of rubbish everywhere, it's a culture problem, people need to be more considerate, don't go ahead and think oh we pay conservancy fees every month, it's their job to clean, come on, there's no need to make their lives so difficult.


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