02 January 2014

9th Straight Gain for STI

Today is the 9th straight gain for STI since 18 Dec 2013, now I'm wondering how long will the winning streak last, but of course volatility in the market is common, even if it does go down, I'm wondering how the whole rally thing will go about, will it break 3200, or even 3300 or more? One thing I'm quite sure of is it won't go below 3100 without any good reason, unless there is another penny stock crash, or Kim Jong Un starts his war talk again, or the Thai political crisis turns into a civil war, or due to some other unforeseeable causes, but I expect no problem coming from the US side, I'm sure they have grown out of their childish squabbles and come to realize that their economy and world economies are far more important.

Actually unforeseeable causes will hit the markets the hardest, reason is very simple, people are not prepared for it, throw in some fear mongering and the worlds markets will tremble. I'm sure there will be some event that will pop up in 2014, which will cause most markets to fall, right now I can't think of anything else other than those that I mentioned above, but in the coming few months, Asian markets should rally with US markets, except for the Thai exchange, right now they are in the middle of nowhere, I have no idea how it will turn out without any major forces intervening, what I can see is the yellow and red shirts are heading for a collision course, the possibility of a civil war is not an exaggeration.

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