31 January 2014

How I Spent My Lunar New Year Day 1

Woke up at about 11.30am, cooked up the leftover food from yesterday's feast and had a fulfilling meal, but I think we bought too much food, maybe I shouldn't have ordered the chicken, duck and pork, doesn't taste that good after one day and night, I think best is to eat it fresh. Yesterday's steamboat was decent though, fresh ingredients, hot soup, it's the best.

So me and wife went to a temple, she wanted to do some praying for good luck, after that we went to Tampines One, Tampines Mall and Century Square scouting for a nice restaurant, and we ended up at Sakae Sushi, I think we were the only dine-in customers there, I saw the staff busy preparing takeaways and their delivery staff looks shocked at the number of packages, so many packs of Yu Sheng and Sushi sets packed in nice looking red bags. I also saw that they have a few promotional packages from $130+ to $198+, looks good, maybe next year we can order something similar for reunion dinner, or we could even dine there.

After the meal, we are now back home, probably watch some movies and call it a day, kind of simple right haha, that's how I like it though ;)

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