19 January 2014

Maybe Not Going to Thailand this April

I was talking about planning a trip to Thailand this coming April, the air tickets costs around $1700 for 4 person to and fro, damn expensive, that's $400+ per head, and it's only for air tickets, doesn't seem like a good way to spend my money. Note that it includes air tickets to and from Udon Thani, it's all to play safe, fly from Singapore to Don Mueang to Udon, no need to leave the airport, mainly it's for safety reason because I really don't know when the protests will end, who knows it could drag on and get more violent. If it was more peaceful, we could have considered taking a bus to Udon instead, but with the current situation seeming spiraling out of control, no.

Now I'm thinking where we should go for holiday, maybe Genting Highlands is a good idea? I ran a quick check, transport plus accommodation for 4 person is around $500, compare to $1700 just for air tickets, and we would have plenty of cash for spending, why not.

Got to save some money, me and wife thinking of trying for baby this coming June so I don't really want to spend too much for this holiday.


Anonymous said...

Wish you success in having a child.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hey, thanks!