28 January 2014

My Father's Friends are Really Nice to Him

Last weekend, my father brought home a gift hamper and a whole box of mandarin oranges, I think the hamper is quite expensive because I see a box of bird's nest, a bottle of liquor, mushrooms and many other goodies, he said it's a gift from his friend. The next day, he brought home another box of mandarin oranges, a different brand this time, also a gift from his friend. Today he brought home 2 packages of Fragrance Bak Kwa, 500g each and a whole pot of chicken curry, yeah, you read that right, a whole pot.

I heard from my father that this friend of his is in the economy rice business, I remember he also cooked a whole pot of chicken curry for my father's last birthday, actually he cooked the curry for my father quite a few times already, me and my wife liked his curry very much, it is definitely one of the best chicken curry I have ever tasted, spiciness is just nice, smooth gravy, goes very well with rice, tender chicken, soft potatoes, not too oily, yummy, I could drink the gravy like soup.

When I think about it, will I ever cook a whole pot of chicken curry for my friend? Nope. How about my "bestest best" friend??? Probably not. So I can see this friend of his truly cares about him, I can feel his caring through his curry, even my mom don't cook such good quality curry.

Anyway I feel that older generation seems to cherish friendship so much more, my friends never cook anything for me, never buy mandarin oranges for me, don't even mention hamper, at most we give each a treat like a meal on birthdays and that's about it. Maybe I sound like friendship is measured by what we receive, but according to my father, I asked him why his friends are so nice, he said he helped them many times for free, they wanted to pay him in cash but he rejected it, sounds like him, he's really the type who is willing to help for free, my mom even said he was stupid, guess I am similar to him in this aspect, I too feel that there shouldn't be a price for helping a friend, if it's within my capability, I really don't mind helping for free. But difference is, I only help close friends or co-workers, bet my father will help anyone in need.

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