10 January 2014

My Wife's Thai Passport is Ready for Collection

She went to renew her passport at the Singapore Thai Embassy on 23 Dec 2013, so after about 18 days, which is today, she received a phone call from the embassy saying her passport is ready for collection. I think it was quite fast because with the protests going on in Bangkok and news of shutdown, I thought everything would be slower, I was even a bit worried her passport would not be processed if the Thai government got shut down, but luckily it wasn't that bad.

My wife also said the staff at the Thai embassy are very rude, I went there once and the lady who attended to us was really rude, it's like she hated her job and she's still got to do it anyway kind of attitude, I thought government staff should be more well trained in terms of attitude since they are representing their country, strange, even weirder is Thai people you meet on the streets in Thailand are much more friendlier.

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