14 January 2014

SingPost and Prudential Partnership?

If you are going to Singapore Post Centre at Paya Lebar, please be mindful that they have Prudential staff stationed there. Today when I was there, I assumed everyone there was SingPost staff, now I don't even know if the lady who attended to me was SingPost or Prudential staff, so anyway when I entered the building, a lady approached me and I thought how nice of her to be so proactive, she helped me with my parcel collection enquiry and also asked if I have got a new medishield thingy, and she sounded like I might have missed out something awesome and so she introduced me to another lady. I was thinking how come SingPost is doing insurance nowadays.

So I spoke to the second lady, she asked for my SingPass id, I typed in the password, and after talking to her for a while she told me she is from Prudential, and it's a partnership between them and SingPost, man I was shocked. So she tried to sell me their shield plan but I told her I am already covered by NTUC Income, so she asked if my wife is covered, I told her about my wife's condition and she implied that her company cannot cover her, I already know that anyway, which insurance company would be so dumb to cover someone who underwent heart surgery.

And seeing that her first move didn't reap anything, she then tried to sell me an investment product, it's some prudential fund, some sort of unit trust thing, I don't really like letting others manage my money though.


Anonymous said...

just sk them to f off.

Anonymous said...

same here..I faced the same situation at Singpost Paya Lebar and Hougang Mall. When the queue was long, a Singapore post lady dress in Singpsot uniform will approach you offering you to bypass the queue, after that she will switch to asking you if you have updated your medishield coverage, sounds like you are missing some good offer, she ask me if I have my Singpass with me and she can check my coverage, I do not feel safe entering my singapass into a 3rd party computer as my singpass password could be cache and stored on the 3rd party computer.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yeah, better be careful with the password, if I knew that lady was from prudential, I probably would have just walked away. These people should at least identify themselves first, but better in future I ask them to identify themselves, they must be thinking I never ask so they don't have to say.