06 February 2014

Alan Ramos Psychology Graduate Working at IDA

Recently I keep seeing news about this guy, he is said to be a psychology graduate from Harvard who was employed at IDA when he was 22 years old, now he is 26 years old and being charged with underage sex. Netizens were asking how a psychology grad managed to land himself a job at IDA, I thought maybe he was doing something non-IT related, then I checked out his LinkedIn profile, it seems like I was wrong because under his Skills & Endorsements, I see Software Project Management, Software Development, Web Services and etc, those are definitely IT stuff, I'm in the industry so I know.

So back to the question, so how did a non-IT graduate get an IT job? Actually it's not unusual, I read in a book where this web developer is a graduate in marine life or biology, and among my colleagues, I have a physics graduate who is a Java (it's a programming language) technical team lead, a civil engineering graduate who is a software developer, an engineering graduate who is also a software developer, I know of another civil engineering grad who is a project manager, the list can go on and on, what I'm saying is the discipline doesn't matter at all as long as the person has the experience or skill set because at the end of the day, what matters most is whether this person can deliver.

And having the relevant degree also don't mean much if the person has no interest in IT, I encountered Masters degree holder in information systems, computer science graduate and whatsoever IT degree holders, and yet they cannot deliver, ultimately it's a matter of interest, you like doing it you will keep trying to advance, and in the midst of advancement, your experience and skill set naturally expands, it's that simple, you don't like it, no matter how much you force yourself to learn, you can never go far even if your boss hurls opportunities at you, you will simply collapse.

But then, I am puzzled by IDA, I go to transitioning.org sometimes so I know there are jobless graduates in Singapore, it can be hard to believe right, Singapore gives the impression that it is a first world country and yet some of our graduates are jobless, strange right. So what really puzzles me is instead of picking candidates from our local universities and jobless pool of graduates, IDA choose to accept a foreigner, if IDA is a private company, that I can accept, as long as the company follow our MOM's hiring guidelines, I have nothing to say, but IDA is a stat board, a government agency, and since they don't mind graduates of irrelevant discipline, then it's even easier for them to find someone, so I hope they will start picking people from transitioning.org, at least help those older jobless ones first, I'm sure they have bills to pay.

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