13 February 2014

Burnt Smell in the Air Today

Today when I stepped off the train after work, first smell that came to my nose was a burnt smell, barbeque smell, reminds me of last year when the haze was the worst ever, did Indonesia start burning things again? I think it could also be due to the recent dry spell, it hasn't been raining for quite a while the weather is hot and dry, even the grass patches at my work place are all dead, green patch become light brown.

Speaking of barbeque, a few of my colleagues fell ill, I think they ate too much Bak Kwa and did not drink enough water, that's why I try to avoid Bak Kwa, expensive and bad for health, like paying money to make yourself ill, 1KG can sell $50, I was thinking which idiot will buy but during Chinese New Year everyone doesn't seem to mind paying for it, people don't even mind queuing hours for it, actually why not eat after Chinese New Year, it's now selling for $40 per KG, still expensive though, $40 for one KG of meat, might as well go order a few nice dishes at hawker centre.

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